Only a couple more…

The days are flying by and the last two finals are almost upon me. I officially turned in my privacy paper today. I put in a lot of time and effort into it and I am proud of my work. It's nice to have it completed. I am also feeling pretty good about the antitrust exam on Thursday. The Property stuff is confusing and tricky, but I am going to try and finish strong!

The photo is of me eating some delicious homemade healthy corn bread. My sister makes it from scratch from all organic ingredients. I must admit, it was the best part of my birthday this year! (I had a final that morning). Thanks Talli and David for the great afternoon (and the photos)!

Props to the Miami Heat for closing out a formidable NJ nets team in five games. They are primed for a finals appearance this year, especially with Pat Riley at the helm.

Now, I must go take care of a few things and go to bed to get used to waking up (and thinking) at hours of the morning where I would rather be sleeping.


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