NBA update


Interesting past couple days in the NBA. The Suns lost yesterday tying that series up 2-2 with the Clippers. Today, there were essentially two upsets. The Detroit Pistons lost after Rasheed Wallace guaranteed victory. With their awful display of offense today, the Pistons don’t look like they deserve to return to the finals, let alone play the Miami Heat in the Conference finals. And, even more significant, the San Antonio Spurs just lost in overtime to the Dallas mavericks putting them in an almost insurmountable 1-3 hole. The defending champs are a game away from elimination. This could be Dallas’ year, they are definitely much tougher with Avery Johnson at the helm. The best looking team right now, however, looks like the Heat and I wouldn’t mind D-Wade, Shaq and Co. taking it all the way. They are gaining momentum with every game and New Jersey is a formidable opponent. Plus, I like Pat Riley, the slickest coach in the league.

Otherwise, another boring study day for me, but one day closer to being finished!


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