Today at Stanford it officially got to 91.9 degrees! Definitely getting toasty around here, but it was still dry outside so it didn’t feel too bad – nothing like 90 and humidity that occurs in Houston. Even right now, it’s a comfortable 65 outside. I personally like it around 50 degree for sleeping, but I am picky 🙂

Most of the day was spent prepping for finals, but I did manage to sneak in the finishes of both NBA games. I was happy the Heat pulled it off. The Suns faced a setback, we’ll see if they can win in Phoenix. The big game tomorrow is the spurs-mavs at 6:30 pm. It’s sure to be a dog fight like last game. Hopefully the refs will not call so many fouls in the fourth quarter for the mavs. As Bill Walton says, “just let the guys play ball.” Also, Rasheed Wallace guaran-sheed a win (basically two wins in a row), so we’ll see if that comes to fruition tomorrow as well.

Happy mother’s day! I don’t know who I would be or what I would do without my mom. She has influenced me in almost every aspect of my life. Her support is unwavering and her love is priceless. I appreciate everything she does. I can’t wait to see her on Friday when all my finals will be finished.


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