Long day


I am seriously more busy now that classes are over than I was all semester. Studying for these finals is time-consuming and arduous. I basically studied all day today with breaks to eat and surf the web. I needed the caffeine, but I don’t enjoy drinking diet Coke’s, Pepsi’s, or any of those carbonated beverages. As much as I know I am trying best and that is all that really matters (and all I can ask of myself), it would be nice to get some good grades to give some positive feedback and make all this hard work gratifying.

The morning and early afternoon was spent doing property. At about 5 pm, I went to a cool party at the Latin studies house. There was a good band playing some Latin music and great food with bbq beef to go inside fajitas. Afterwards, we hit antiturst up for nearly 3 hours. I rounded out the day watching the Suns v. Clippers game at the 750 – a close game with Steve Nash coming through in clutch, but Marion really carrying the Suns today. Otherwise, I look forward to the Mavs-Spurs Texas-two step tomorrow. Should be a interesting to see how San Antonio responds to the excellent Dallas performance in game 2. Of course, there will be plenty of studying going on surrounding the nba game.

I am tired right now, good night…


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