Con Law


Another beautiful spring day in California, another day studying for finals! Unfortunately, this outcome will be repeating itself for the next 10 days. I got some quality studying in for Constitutional law today, so that makes me feel like it was worthwhile. Lots of Supreme Court cases, so I decided to post a picture of the famous SCOTUS building.

Yesterday evening I had a nice workout at Taper. I hit the bench and worked up to 10 reps of 150 pounds. Then, with the help of a spotter, I did 10 reps of 155 and then 6 reps of 165. The purpose is to get used to more weight so the lighter weights seem easy.

After the workout, I checked out the “biggest” party of the year, Sunsplash at Sigma Nu. The party lived up to its “big” characterization, but in a generally negative way. There were WAY to many people packed on those dancefloors. I got claustrophobic very quickly – people pushing, bottlenecks at every door, and generally too many dudes. The party was still fun in its own way. It’s always interesting to check out such an extravaganza.

I am going to head over to Arrillaga for some back weights here pretty soon and then try and make some headway on editing my paper for privacy class so I can turn it in Tuesday and devote my full attention to the three exams.


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