Lakers = finished


My least favorite team in all of sports, the Los Angeles Lakers, were just eliminated from the playoffs. After leading the series 3-1 and causing me to give up on the Suns, the Lakers took a monumental tumble.

The Phoenix suns torched the Lakers on this, the deciding seventh game, scoring 121 points and blowing them out by 31 points. With the Suns offense rolling on all cylinders, one-man Kobe was not enough to keep up. This game seemed like it was over from the get-go. Phoenix had seven players in double figures in an amazingly balanced offensive attack. Leandro Barbosa continues to show he is for real, shooting 10 for 12 from the field and tallying 26 points. With Phoenix in offensive rhythm, I bet the Clippers are not looking forward to the next match-up.

Meanwhile the real Western Conference Finals is going to be taking place between the Mavs and the Spurs. In a twisted scheduling program designed with TV in mind and not the players, the Spurs have to play just 36 hours after eliminating the Kings. Seems cruel to do that to the defending champs with home-court advantage in the Western Conference.

Otherwise, today involved lots of con law outlining and studying and editing. I am going to head to Taper to hit the bench press pretty soon since Arrillaga is already closed. I ate some tasty chicken which will hopefully spark some energy.


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