More evidence

Even more evidence that human-induced global warming is real and its negative repercussions are occurring NOW. This article focuses on the effects of global warming on Pacific trade winds, specifically the weakening of the Walker Circulation. This circulation effects climate around the globe and its further weakening could severely disrupt the ecosystem of the ocean, yielding disastrous effects on food chains and reducing the biological productivity of the Pacific Ocean. It has weakened 3.5 percent since the mid-1800's and is projected to weaken another 10 percent by the end of this century. The other article discusses a report from in China warning that melting glaciers on the Tibetan plateau will result in more sandstorms and more severe droughts. China is already seeking to reclaim land lost to expanding deserts by authorizing colossal projects to plant hardy grass on 30 percent of the nation's 700,000 square miles of desert. It is important that the Chinese understand the effects of global warming and cooperate with other nations to limit further damage, especially since China is poised to become the largest contributor of fossil fuel emissions to the atmosphere. In other sad news, the hippo and polar bear were added to the threatened list of species as "vulnerable". The melting habitat of polar bears and the unrestricted hunting of hippos is leading both these important species on the path to extinction.

Arrillaga: Heading there this afternoon. I seriously would love to spend more time at the gym, but I find myself short on time as I try to wrap up the first year of law school.


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