Privacy Paper Draft


Good news! The draft of my paper for Law, Technology, and Privacy class is now complete. Right now, the title is “How to Protect Location Privacy in a Wireless World.” I am extremely proud of my work on this paper; I spent the better part of the weekend and today working on it. I enjoyed writing it and I think I learned a lot in the process. Now I need to do a thorough job editing the text and bluebook my sources. Afterwards, it should be set to turn in.

Otherwise it’s time to start hitting the books for my other finals. I have nearly complete outlines for the three classes in which I have a finals, but I need to go back through them and make sure I understand the subtle points. The focus is going to slowly shift this week to first test, Constitutional Law, which is on May 11th (unfortunately, my birthday). This is not the most fun time of the year for law students, but it’ll be over in less then 2.5 weeks. At that point, I will truly be able to celebrate 🙂

The track meet yesterday night at Stanford was amazing. The Ritzenhein vs. Webb duel over 10k lived up to the hype. Those guys ran next to each other the whole race with Webb outkicking Ritz at the end in dramatic fashion. Ritz, Webb, and the fast closing Famiglietti posted some very fast times. It was especially remarkable for Webb, because this was his first 10k ever. I also go to watch my old teammates from rice run in the Women’s 5k. Marissa won the heat and set a school record in the process and Kate ran well to get the regional qualifying mark. Go Owls!

NBA: the mavs are the only team to sweep this year. I’m not sure if they are really good or Memphis is just really bad. The clippers made the conference semi-finals and it looks like they will face their city rival, the Lakers. In the East, Detroit can close their series at home in game 5. Otherwise, it’s a bunch of series that are tied 2-2 that can really go either way. There are definitely going to be some good game 6’s and 7’s in the first round this season.

Arrillaga: Just back weights today. As predicted, the focus on outlining and my paper has reduced the workout time. Unfortunately, this will pattern of reduced exercise time will probably persist until the end of finals. However, I did have a good workout today.


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