The highlight of today was going out to Chipotle for some excellent fresh mex. The burrito did a great job of filling me up – mine was huge! The ingredients used at Chipotle seem fresh and wholesome. I enjoy getting a burrito every once in a while.

Other than Chipotle, my day was pretty boring. I spent pretty much the entire time keeping track of NBA scores and writing my paper. I watched the Phoenix Suns tragically lose to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in overtime. I’m convinced its going to be the Lakers vs. Clippers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lakers finish the Suns off in Phoenix at game 5. Another great game is going on right now, Sacramento vs. San Antonio. The Sacramento Kings are playing well, they may be able to tie that series up tonight.

The good news is that I have made excellent progress on my paper this weekend. I have a couple hours of work left before my initial draft will be complete. Then I will need to start focusing on studying for the three finals that separate me from summer vacation.

There is a really great track meet at Stanford going on this evening and I am going to go check it out. The 10k is stacked and features American stars Alan Webb vs. Dathan Ritzenhein. Also, there are a couple friends from Rice running in the women’s 5k event. Should be fun to watch!

Arrillaga: A weak outing today on the bench today. Somehow, I wasn’t quite feeling up to the weight. I basically failed the 10 reps of 145 and decided it was prudent to skip the 150 pound effort. Instead, I did two sets of 12 x 135. I felt ok on the substitute sets and the rest of the workout was ok, but I think the paper writing tired me out. Tomorrow I will be back for back exercise and maybe some cardio or leg weights.


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