$3 billion gone!

Bill Gates lost $3 billion dollars yesterday when Microsoft's stock tumbled 11 percent after the company had to lower earnings expectations. Microsoft is just getting too big for its own good. They are pouring an awful lot of money to compete with Google instead of putting out their new operating system on time. While Microsoft stock hasn't really gone up the past 6 years, it hasn't tanked either. Microsoft used to be a high flyer, now it doesn't even do as the money market! I wouldn't call yesterday a fallout – I think the stock will slowly come back in the coming months. However, this is definitely more evidence that Microsoft is simply a blue-chip stock that is only good for the long-term. Speaking of Google, I think they they will see the same fate as Microsoft in a few years. Whenever these companies start dabbling in all kinds of things, they inevitably spread themselves out too thin and turn into a typical giant corporation.

Day of rest today. I felt a little tired and I am focused on the paper for privacy class. For the next 20 days, I will cut back on the Arrillaga time and focus my energy on studying for finals and producing the best possible paper I can for privacy class. I will still get my fill of Arrillaga, but it's time to start prioritizing. I plan on hitting the gym early tomorrow for bench press and some cardio.


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