Beautiful Weather

Another gorgeous California day! Not a cloud in sight and pleasant temps. Yesterday was actually getting on the toasty side (relative to my Seattle tolerance 🙂 with a high of 81 at Stanford. Today, the ocean breeze picked up and it kept the high temperature to a comfortable 71.5 degrees.

I got some quality work done on my paper for privacy. I am about half way done, but now I have gotten to the substantive portion which requires more thought. Either way, if I can continue at this pace, I will hopefully have a nearly completed draft by the end of the weekend.

NBA update: As much as I hate to say it, the L.A. Lakers are looking really good against the Phoenix Suns. For once in his career, Kobe Bryant is not playing selfishly and it shows. All his teammates are active and scoring. Their balanced attack and tough defense are stifling the Suns. It looks more and more like what I feared: an all-LA conference semi-finals between the Lakers and the Clippers. Even if the Lakers do face the Nuggets, Kobe and Co. definitely see a path to the conference finals right now (Denver and the Clippers are playing atrocious basketball). Meanwhile, the Spurs are showing some weakness against the Kings with a second close game in a row (losing this time). In the east, the Heat looked awful yesterday. Right now, the toughest teams still looks like Detroit.

Arrillaga: A late workout today but still a good one. I worked shoulders and biceps today. Tomorrow cardio is the focus and I will probably hit the EFX elliptical.


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