LRW complete

Another indication that first year of law school is winding down – today was the last legal research and writing class. We talked about some tips for summer employment and then went to a Japanese restaurant in Palo Alto for some sushi. This spot is not as good as Sushitomi in Mountain View, but I was satisfied with my salmon teriyaki. It was fun to hang out with my section as a full group for one last time.

As finals draw closer, I find myself thinking of the mountains. The photo above is from summer of 2004 on the Ptarmigan Traverse. It’s a scan from my old 35mm camera. The traverse usually takes between 4 and 7 days and numerous summits can be achieved along the way. The traverse itself involves no technical rock, but there is extensive glacier travel and steep terrain. I plan on repeating this fabulous alpine traverse this summer. With the heavy snowpack this year, I think a trip starting at the very end of July or first week of August will be idyllic.

Tomorrow there is no class, but I will definitely be outlining property with Mark. I think we can make some real progress and hammer out some of the complex issues. There is also a big need for me to get to business on my privacy paper. I know what I want to say, I just need focus and put it on paper.

Arrillaga: Yesterday I hit the bench and did the usual 10 reps fo 150 followed by 8 reps of 155. With a spotter I can do 10 resps of 155 easy, perhaps 160 at this point. However, I am not striving to increase the weight on a regular basis. I am simply seeking to maintain strength and build tone and definition. After the bench, cable cross-overs, and flyes, I hit the treadmill for a 36 minute shake-out run. Today, I plan on hitting the back muscles and probably legs (or maybe cardio depending on how I feel).


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