Alarming News

While the news in this article on did not surprise me, it is still very alarming. Scientists have concluded that the only logical source for last years unprecedented hurricane season is the increasing content of greenhouse gases warming ocean waters and melting away polar ice caps. The evidence is more compelling than last years Atlantic hurricane season alone. Over the past decade, there has been a trend of increasing tropical activity. Furthermore, there were stronger and greater quantities of tropical cyclones around the globe. More water and warmer waters inextricably result in more powerful storms. Even more compelling is the rapidity with which global warming is manifesting itself. Glaciers and polar ice are melting much faster than anticipated, the hurricanes have increased quickly, and more tornadoes are ripping up the Midwest than ever before. Scientists did not expect the changes to be so drastic. With such drastic changes, I am worried about what the near future will hold.

Hopefully this news will be a wake-up call to many people who deny the effects of human-induced global warming. We cannot sustain catastrophic hurricanes like the monsters of last season on an annual basis. The costs of Katrina are being felt today, nearly nine months after the devastating storm ravaged the gulf coast. Global warming has drastic effects on the entire ecosystem. We have potentially opened up a pandora’s box of problems that will only get worse unless we make a concerted worldwide effort to ameliorate the problem. The time to take action is now!

Arrillaga: 42 minutes of EFX cardio today. Tomorrow I will work chest muscles, possibly hitting the bench.


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