Law Prom

Once again, high expectations yield anticlimactic results. The law formal (or law prom) was not the “party of the year” I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a good time, but definitely not something to write home about. The location was great, I think they put most of the funds into renting out the Old Federal Reserve Building. The food offerings, on the other hand, were a different story. They were sparse to say the least. There was no fresh fruit as advertised and the “fine desserts” consisted of chocolate covered marshmallows and strawberries = very weak. These desserts were located on two small plates; most people didn’t even know they existed. The best thing there were these mini burgers, but you don’t need a caterer for those! They would have gotten way more bang for the buck by just going to Costco (at the semi-formal there was a ton of great food). While the food was a downer, the open bar was ok I suppose – nothing made it better (or worse) than the usual offerings at law school parties. The other factors were mainly personal. For starters, I am just not the formal type of person. Too superficial, too “look at me I’m cool,” too “lets take pictures of every moment.” The reality for me is that I don’t need a bunch of kids to justify myself; I don’t need to show how cool I am by superficially mingling with everyone and acting like everyone’s friend. I knew what I was getting into – a LAW school party – but I guess I was in denial. As much as I would like to write on about this, I don’t feel like sharing with the entire world, so you’ll just have to ask me.

Arrillaga: Another decent workout at they gym. I built up the usual 10 reps of 150 and followed it wiht 7 reps of 155. The rest of the workout was solid too and I did a 23 minute shake-out run on the treadmill to top it off. Tomorrow I will work the back muscles primarily and either legs or cardio in addition.


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