Earth Day!

Tomorrow is Earth Day! Take a moment and appreciate nature and the value of a clean, green environment – the earth is truly a beautiful place!

Humans are inextricably linked to the ecosystem and the vitality of this world. Our actions not only effect the plants and animals, but ourselves. Global warming and human-induced climate change are REAL! We must take appropriate measures to ameliorate the damage we have already done and prevent further harmful effects. We cannot afford to keep the smokestacks, suv’s, and logging of the rainforest going at their current rate.

However, I will commend efforts the United States and global community have taken so far. Since the 1970’s, legislation like the Clean Air Act, the Wilderness Act, and the Endangered Species Act have made a notable impact. We must not retreat from such legislation, but press forward with global initiatives to curtail CO2 emissions and protect wild lands.

Arrillaga: After an afternoon nap that spilled into the evening (much needed), I hit the gym and the results were great. I worked mainly shoulders today and leg weights. I tried out the new Hammer Strength leg presses and they were pretty sweet. Tomorrow cardio is the essential activity of the workout and I may work bi’s and little back weights.

The law school formal (or prom as they call it), is tomorrow. It’s at the Old Federal Building in San Francisco. I hear it’s a great time with catered food/dessert offerings, an open bar with cocktails, and dancing. Should be fun.


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