La Bamba

I am tired and I am already thinking about sleeping in Saturday morning even though it’s only Thursday and I have to wake up for Property tomorrow. Today seemed much more active than it should be for a one-class day. Right after property I had a CA interview. Next, I read property for tomorrow, read a book for privacy class, and worked on my antitrust outline. After a solid workout at Arrillaga (see below) the Antitrust outlining resumed.

After outlining for Antitrust, we grabbed burritos at Taqueria La Bamba in Mountain View – it was tasty as usual. La Bamba, noted for its El Salvadoran flair, is not the most appealing place to sit down for a dinner, but the quality of their burritos more than compensates. After all, it’s the food, not the silver spoon, that counts at the end of the day. Next time, we’ll hit up La Castena, the neighboring taqueria that is also famous for its burritos.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy one too, with a make-up carried over all the way from last semester Civ Pro in the afternoon. Also, as much as I don’t want to, I am going to work on outlining Property for a few hours. There is also a huge need for me to start and make significant headway on my paper for law, tech and privacy class. I am trying to get a leg-up on the reading for this weekend to give me time to concentrate on the paper. There is only three weeks left of 1L year and lots to do!

Arrillaga: A good workout working the back muscles today. Afterwards, I hit the EFX for 35 minutes. Tomorrow I plan on working the shoulders and probably a little more cardio (although I may do legs instead depending on how I feel).


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