Beautiful Day

Another beautiful Cali day filled with sunshine and a deep blue sky. A slight breeze made for comfortable temps.

The NBA match-ups are set for the playoffs and I am really pumped. Chicago looks really good right now and I think they will give the Miami heat a fight. Also, I think Indiana could hang tough with Cleveland. I see the Pistons-Bucks series as the only lopsided match-up in the east. In the west, I seriously hope the Lakers get demolished by the suns. I still think Ron Artest and the Kings can play hard against the Spurs, but their best hope is to win a couple home games. The most compelling match-ups is the Nuggests-Clippers because I am not sure who really has the upper hand.

It’s going to be really fun to watch some games with playoff intensity and see Charles Barkley on the halftime show more frequently! Sir Charles is hands down the best TV personality. I want to watch the halftime show just because of his great comments! He is also in the NBA hall of fame now – congrats to “The Round Mound of Rebound.”

I got some Jasmine green tea today at the store. I have decided that Jasmine is one of my favorite teas. I like the lighter, sweet, delicate teas like Green, Honeybush, White, Rooibus, and Jasmine. I definitely do not like the bitter, strong teas (black teas and spice teas).

Arrillaga: Great workout today at the gym. Chest was the focus with benching, cable cross-overs, and the fly machine. I built up to the usual 10 reps of 150 on the bench followed by 7 reps of 155. I went at a busy time, but it wasn’t that bad. The gym has acquired even more equipment, most notably two large leg press machines and another cross-over station. The room is definitely filled with exercise furniture, they should have designed a larger exercise facility. No complaints from me, however – Arrillaga is sweet and I love all the new equipment.


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