Oral Arguments

It’s Tuesday so it was busy. Lots of class and oral arguments for lrw to top it off. Classes were all interesting today and the oral arguments were really fun. I thought I hammered my argument well, especially the rebuttal. It was a great experience. Maybe I really should chose a litigation career path? Aside from general complements that were given to everyone, the judges said I was casual at the podium. I guess that is a good thing?? I know I wasn’t nervous at all (no sweating, fidgeting, etc.) and I feel comfortable up there. When you think about it, there is no need to be nervous – judges are people too. Yes, they are honorable and yes they have tons of experience, but they are still people who experienced the same things I am experiencing. I see no need to get nervous speaking to anyone. I stay true to my words with one notable exception – attractive women! However, I am actively seeking to rectify that problem 🙂 The reception after the arguments was also fun with tasty finger food and good drinks. It’s amazing lrw is basically done. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. It’s almost time to start studying for finals and I am only two years away from being a lawyer (kind of a scary thought).

If your looking for good country music, try Toby Keith’s and Shooter Jennings’ new albums. They are both awesome. My favorite song off the Toby Keith album is “Hell No” and from the Shooter Jennings album I like “The Song is Still Slipping Away.” Both albums are filled with good songs though. Another gem is a song from 2000 by Chad Brock called “Yes!” I am happy to admit that I enjoy listening to country music among many other genres, including rap/hip-hop, rock, classical, and almost any other kind of good music.

Arrillaga: Cardio today. I felt good on the treadmill so I extended it out to 45 minutes covering about 6.7 miles. Tomorrow I’ll be back for chest weights and maybe bench depending on how I feel.

I got some reading to do for tomorrow morning, so I better start hitting the books!


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