NBA playoffs

Yesterday I went to a fun party. It was an off-campus law school party with many of the second and third year students. I enjoyed the drinks and atmosphere. I went to bed a bit too late and got a headache at some point late last night, but I felt good in the morning.

The NBA playoffs are taking shape and I am excited. The Pistons are definitely the powerhouse in the east and the west is a little more of a toss-up with the Mavs and Spurs both playing very well. There is a possibility that seeds five through eight in the eastern conference will be below 500 (or not much above) – that is pretty sad. In the West, the Lakers made the playoffs; my wish did not come true. I hope they lose in the first round. Right now they are slated to play Phoenix, which they beat today, but without Nash. As I see it, it looks like a re-match of last years final of Detroit v. San Antonio. However, this time I think the Pistons will emerge victorious, especially because they will have home-court advantage in the finals and they seem motivated to reclaim the title.

It finally looks like Google browsed the photos in my website. Now you can search “leor pantilat” under images and get many of my mountain climbing photos. The photo above is a classic I took from the summit of Forbidden Peak in the North Cascades of Washington State (please ask for permission to copy or use). It was an awesome climb and rated one of the 50 classic routes in North America. We stayed on the top for only 10 minutes because those dark clouds in the background were moving in swiftly. The rain began just as we made it back to the car and soon after it was pouring.

Arrillaga: Nice bounce-back from yesterday. I actually felt quite strong today. I did bench press building up to 10 reps of 150 and then followed it with 7 reps of 155. Cable cross-overs, flyes, and abs completed the workout. I then used the new Precor EFX machines for the first time – it was a long time coming! I did 32 minutes and called it a day to give me motivation to come through tomorrow morning for a little run because I am busy during the usual workout during lunch hour.


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