Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) starts this evening. Pesach is an eight-day festival (seven in Israel) commemorating the exodus of the Jews from slavery in ancient Egypt to Israel. The festive home ritual for the holiday is called a Seder and involves a lavish feast. One of the hallmarks of Passover is the consumption of Matzah, a flat-unleavened bread that the Israelites ate as they fled Egypt for the land of Israel. My favorite part of the story is when the Red Sea parted at the command of Moses allowing the Jews to escape to the other side while subsequently closing up and drowning the Egyptian armies in pursuit. Yea, I bet ya’ll have seen “The Ten Commandments” a few times!

Today I had a practice oral argument. I have been so busy the past couple days that I did not have time to prepare for the practice arguments. I did ok for having come virtually unprepared, but I don’t like the feeling of getting stuck just because I did not review the cases and the details of my argument. I will definitely prepare for the real oral arguments and it should be a much smoother ride!

Arrillaga: Bench today and other chest exercises. On the bench, I skipped the 10 rep 150 pound set for an endurance 14 rep 135 pound set and then followed it with 8 reps of 155. I felt ok. The rest of the workout was on the sluggish side. I was kinda carrying myself around the gym with very little vigor. I fully anticipate days like this. Not every workout can be spectacular. Nonetheless, I hit all the muscles I wanted. I didn’t do the cardio, but I may go back in a couple hours for a shake-out run.

Happy Pesach!


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