Yesterday, I went to Sushitomi Japanese Restaurant (Japanese version) in downtown Mountain View. While I haven’t surveyed all the local Sushi bars, this one is definitely the best I have been to. Moreover, I heard that Japanese students on campus recommend this restaurant as the most authentic and best Japanese in the area. The drive from Stanford campus is a little longer, but I think it’s well worth it.

You know you are at a good Japanese restaurant when the servers, chefs, and many of the customers are Japanese speaking. This small restaurant is not glitzy, but it has a nice seating area and a sushi counter. We sat at the table in the picture. It’s a low Japanese table called Zashiki. I ordered a combination meal: chicken teriyaki and 6 piece California Roll (I know, I am not the biggest Sushi connoisseur). The dinner also came with Miso soup and salad and we ordered tempura for appetizer. The whole meal was delicious, especially the tasty teriyaki sauce. The place was so busy on Friday night (which is indicative of a good restaurant) so the orders were sometimes backed up. No worries though, I left completely stuffed! The best part about this restaurant is its modest prices. Quality sushi can get pricey, but Sushitomi fits the bill without emptying your wallet. I highly recommend this restaurant and I will return whenever I am in the mood for Japanese food!

Arrillaga update: Yesterday I had a great workout focusing on shoulders with the dumbbells. After the weights, I managed to get an EFX machine (they are popular and it was getting busy) and hit the cardio for 40 minutes. Today I will probably focus on the back and do a little cardio because I feel sluggish this morning.


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