Ultra focus mode


Yesterday evening I got in ultra focus mode – maximum productivity. After several hours of appellate brief concentration, I just went to sleep. The great news is that the editing of the argument section is basically complete. Now, all we have to do is touch up the other sections, paginate the table of contents/authority lists, and print out the copies. I feel really good about my argument section and our entire brief. Submission of the copies is due on Monday and our oral arguments will be April 18th. The next paper to start working on is for Law, Technology, and Privacy on the privacy issues of GPS locator systems on cell phones. My goal is to finish it before studying for finals becomes hectic. I probably won’t start it this weekend considering there is an abnormally large chunk of Con Law reading for next week.

Arrillaga: I worked the back and leg weights yesterday. The normal variations of rows, lat pulldowns, reverse flyes for the back, and the machines and some squats for the legs. Today, I plan on focusing on the shoulders with dumbbells and probably cable cross-overs because I like them so much. I will probably also hit some cardio.

It’s admit weekend at the law school. I have already met a few admits and I have nothing but good things to say about Stanford Law. The set-up here is really sweet, no complaints. Also, this weekend looks promising as far as parties go. I know there is an admit party Saturday night, but I am definitely in the mood today, so we’ll see what happens tonight.


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