Typical Tuesday


Speaking of typical, the weather around here has been anything but typical for the past month (since the last week in February actually). First, March was one of the wettest months (if not the wettest month) on record for many bay area weather sites. These records entail both total precipitation for the month and number of rainy days. San Francisco had 25 days of rain in March! Secondly, this March was the coldest on record for many locations, including Downtown San Francisco and San Jose (SJ for high temps only). I have heard from locals that spring hasn’t been this wet for over a decade. Rain totals are also up for the year. The Stanford weather station reports 21.75 inches of rain so far for the July 1 to June 30 period – Palo Alto’s average is around 16 inches of rain during the year.

All in all, the weather has made it feel more like Seattle 🙂 It doesn’t really bother me, I am used to rain for at least three quarters of the year. I empathize with people who complain though; it’s easy to get spoiled by the usually nice weather. The bad news for sun fans is that the generally cool and wet pattern is slated to continue right on through the next 8-10 days. There will be some nice days, like this Thursday for example, and do not fear, the dry season will come sooner rather than later considering it is April.

Another busy Tuesday. Lots of class and administrative type things to take care of. Fortunately, there was a well timed dinner in the law lounge provided by the law clinics’ open house. I ate lots of the tasty teryaki chicken. I really would have liked to stay and here the presentation, but I had to go to class at 6:30.

Arrillaga update: I slept in too late to do the cardio in the morning, so I did it between con law and antitrust. It was a good 43 minutes on the EFX. Tomorrow I will work on the chest, including the bench, and then do a little cardio as well.


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