NBA playoffs


Florida won a relatively uninteresting NCAA national championship in basketball today. I kinda lost interest in the tournament when my bracket tanked even earlier then everyone else’s. Now its time for the NBA playoffs!! The Spurs are still the team to beat since they are the defending champs, but the Pistons look awfully tough, especially if they can get home court advantage through the finals. I don’t mind most teams doing well in the playoffs just as long as the LA Lakers are sent fishin’ in the first round (they play on national tv way too much!). I am definitely pulling for Detroit in the East though.

My home team, the Seattle Sonics, should just stop playing now so they can at least get a good draft pick. It is common understanding that Seattle can only have one good professional team at a time. Remember, the Sonics a decade ago? Or the Mariners 5 years ago? Now the Seahawks are good, but the other teams are disappointing to say the least. Even more annoying, the one good team that represents Seattle during each period can’t quite pull off the national championship. The Sonics lost to the Bulls, the Mariners couldn’t beat the Yankees, and the Seahawks succumbed to the refs. Seattle is long due for a championship of any kind.

In other news, I hit Arrillaga today for back and leg weights. It was a good workout, I felt strong. Tomorrow just cardio, which I will try to do in the morning because Tuesday’s are busy.


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