Summer job

My search for a legal job for this summer has concluded! I will be interning at the Federal Trade Commission in Seattle! I am really interested in the work they do and it is in Seattle. It wasn’t easy finding a legal job in Seattle, but I think it turned out for the best. I am definitely pumped and looking forward to the experience. I start the week after finals and wrap up the last week of July, leaving August for all kinds of fun!

Otherwise, I lifted weights today at the local fitness center. Basically the same routine as at Arrillaga gym, but I am so spoiled with the new equipment at Arrillaga. The cable cross-over is broken and I seriously hope they replace or fix it by the time I come home for the summer in May. You know how much I *love* cable cross-overs! Nonetheless, It was a good workout hitting the back muscles with a little leg weights.

Oh, I almost forgot, today I went to my favorite superstore, Costco Wholesale. The flagship store is located 10 minutes from my house in Issaquah, WA. The corporate headquarters campus is just across the street. Costco has to be one of my favorite places to shop. The whole concept of bulk for cheap is just so cool and I have an affinity for so many of the products 🙂 I also got a tasty “cinnamon & sugar churro” and “very berry smoothie”, two of my personal favorites, at the food window.


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