Circular Tables

I was thinking today in the conference room during Law, Technology and Privacy class, “if this table was circular I could see everybody and I wouldn’t have to lean forward or backward to see people at the ends of the table.” I remember some really good times around circular tables during dinner with the Track/Cross Country team at Rice University. You see everybody and it makes for much easier group conversation. I have concluded that circular tables are far superior to the rectangular format (modified rectangular tables with “shape” could also work too). Thus, if I am ever a manager of a group of people, I will get circular conference tables!

Today Con Law was cancelled providing me with all kinds of free time in the morning. However, this was balanced out by the fact that I am feeling a bit sick with a sore throat. I felt a little off beat today on the elliptical EFX, but still managed 42 minutes. I hope tomorrow I’ll be back in the mix for a little weightlifting. I think I am still going to take it easy. I biked to the store to stock up on apples and yogurt while they were still on sale. I also started working on my argument section for the appellate brief for legal research and writing and started pulling sources for the Stanford Journal of Law, Business, and Finance (SJLBF). Pulling sources is such busy work and I feel like I am wasting my time, but oh well, there are some things you just gotta do!

Speaking of SJLBF, today was election night, and the Baja Fresh burritos were the best part. It was nice because I just finished a long evening of class (Antitrust and Privacy class) and was hungry!

I come home feeling pretty good to open up a letter saying I didn’t get a callback to one of the places I interviewed at last week, Orrick. Come on people, give me a chance! I really want to stay in Seattle this summer, so I am not destroyed. I’m gonna keep my head up and hope for the best with Microsoft.

I am going to head to bed, sleep is important for getting better.


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