Wet and Cool

The weather in the Bay Area has been wet and cool the past few days and the soggy pattern looks to persist through the upcoming weekend. With temperatures in the mid-40′s, some of the hills above 2,000 feet even received 4-6 inches of slushy snow. I went on a run today (Thursday) in Los Altos Hills for 63 minutes (Moody Road Loop) and it actually felt a lot like Seattle with a light rain, chilly temperatures, and a stiff breeze. Unfortunately, the rain is anticipated to become more intense beginning tomorrow and lasting into Saturday. After last year’s dry winter, it feels like a lot of rain, but the area is only forecasted to equal normal levels after tomorrow’s weather system. Hopefully I can squeeze in a run tomorrow morning before it gets too wet.

A nice wintry scene in the Santa Cruz Mountains a short drive away from Stanford. (Photo by Karen T. Borchers of San Jose Mercury News)

Stormy in CA

I’m back in CA for the last few days of winter break and I must have brought the Seattle weather because it has been stormy the past couple days with heavy rains and strong winds. The wet and blustry weather pattern is forecast to persist through the weekend, although the strongest storm has just passed.

Class for my last semester of law school begins next Tuesday and I am looking forward to the ski vacation to South Lake Tahoe the weekend of 11-13 – the stormy weather in the bay area translates to 5-10 feet of new snow in the Sierra mountains!

Weather trifecta in Seattle

Wow – the weather the past few days in Seattle is about as wild and stormy as it gets as mother nature has delivered a triple-punch of storms (snow, wind, and flooding heavy rains). First, on Saturday evening, a winter storm brought 5 inches of snow to my house in Sammamish and up to 15 inches of snow in communities further east like Snoqualmie Ridge and North Bend. Even downtown Seattle picked up a couple inches. Next, a warm front moved in on Sunday bringing extremely heavy rain and strong winds, causing the temperatures to skyrocket in the upper 40s. Hurricane force winds blasted the WA coast last night and nearly 3 inches of rain has fallen in the Seattle area in just the last 24 hours! Freezing levels are way up in the mountains and flooding on large and small streams is a big issue. Seattle weather in November and December is always volatile, but this is definitely going to be a memorable series of meteorological events for Western Washington.

I have become spoiled with beautiful California weather this fall so I hope the weather will calm down a bit while I will be at home December 12th-January 2nd :)

Doesn’t feel like November…

The weather here is ridiculously nice for late November with temps in the mid 60s and sunshine every single day! Furthermore, the weather forecast for the next 10+ days holds the strong west coast ridge of high pressure in place (a “blocking pattern”). This translates into more tranquil weather with sunny days and crisp nights/mornings. This is great for activity around the bay area, but when it comes to skiing, a west coast blocking pattern is the worst possible news. The slopes in the high Sierra and Tahoe are bare and the temps are not even cold enough to consistently make snow artificially. It definitely looks like the resorts won’t open for Thanksgiving and maybe into the first week of December. The resorts in the Pacific Northwest suffer equally in such a pattern. While they have some snow on the ground, none of the resorts in WA and OR have enough to open. Whistler Blackcomb got just enough snow last week to open up but by the end of the dry streak I imagine they will be in big need of some white stuff. I hope that when this pattern finally breaks down, it will stay down, and we can start accumulating some snows for Tahoe trips and the Whistler vacation in January.

Today my team gave our presentation for Deals class. It was fairly complex and there was a ton of information so it definitely seemed like the crowd had difficulties taking it all in. I think we did a great job though!

I also ran again today, despite the area of pain coming back a little after yesterday’s first run. It wasn’t bad pain, but I knew it was there. Hope it will magically begin to fade away….

Into the Wild

Yesterday I saw the riveting and powerful film “Into the Wild” about a young man who goes to Alaska seeking complete detachment from society. Sean Penn did a marvelous job as director and screenplay writer. I now look forward to his future directing pursuits. I also enjoyed Eddie Vedder’s soundtrack to the movie; his vocals and the acoustic sound of the songs fit perfectly. The movie is very sad (need for tissues), especially because it a real story. I highly recommend going to see this film – it’s currently only showing in small number of artsy theaters, but well worth the extra effort if needed.

After the movie I drove back home from my sister’s house in Pacific Grove. It was an awesome visit! I always enjoy hanging out with my sister and her husband. I also got in two quality runs along the spectacular cinder paths next to the seashore.

It looks like summer is going to make a triumphant return to the Bay Area this week with temperatures forecasted to be well over 80 degrees for most of the upcoming week! Some records may fall, especially on Monday and Tuesday. I guess it’s time to whip out the shorts, singlets, and flip flops! One downer is that the mountains remain devoid of snow for at least another week so it won’t be looking like ski season anytime soon.

Rest Day

So today I took a rest day… from running. I have been feeling pretty good on runs lately and it actually kind of sucked not running today. I didn’t get to enjoy the runner’s high. I did go to Arrillaga Gym for a quick 35 minute back workout before Real Estate Transactions this evening. I hope to be able to run a little tomorrow evening, but we will see. The weather has turned spectacularly pleasant here in Palo Alto with morning clouds, afternoon sun, and temps in the mid-70s – the word comfortable describes it very well. Meanwhile, most likly the last hot streak is occurring up in Washington (it actually is only the second one of the entire summer!). The weather in Washington is forecasted to turn into a “taste of the fall” next week with temps below average with generally cloudy conditions – just my luck! Oh well, I will probably (and should) be tired for several days after Saturday anyway.


There was an “offshore flow” weather pattern today that brought smoke from fires burning to the north and east of the bay area. It was almost like a mini display of what a volcanic eruption would do to the climate. The smoke was almost like a layer of high clouds and suppressed temperatures until it moved away. A large volcanic eruption would do this on a much large magnitude and many scientists believe eras of more volcanic activity can cause climate to shift. We are currently in a period of lower volcanic activity on earth, so don’t expect volcanoes to plunge us into a mini ice age anytime soon. This evening the smoke is finally disappating and the typical California sunshine promises to be out in full force tomorrow!

Today I ran for 60 minutes at Los Altos Hills. It was actually a fast pace run despite being hot and my legs a little tired. My first week of classes is over, so it’s time to get the weekend going!


Photo by Paul Chinn/Chronicle , see article

Un-August Weather

The weather in Western Washington has been unusually cool and cloudy this summer, but today was more like a day in March with gray skies all day and a steady rain all morning. The Seattle weather station set a record for precipitation for this date and reports on the eastside had rainfall totals of over 1 inch! A day with 1 inch of rain is notable even in the winter! People often do not realize that summer weather in Seattle is actually quite nice and dependably good – not so this year….  More rain is forecasted for tomorrow morning and then a slow improvement through Wednesday and continued nice through the end of the week. I hope to get in a few more climbs next week before it’s time to return to California.

I ran this afternoon and felt awful. I guess the climbs finally caught up to my legs. Ironically, taking a day off yesterday made the legs feel worse. It’s almost like the rest allowed them to tighten up. I also had some footwear issues so I think I am going to just get the same shoe I was using before. I hope tomorrow will be a good rebound.

Inspiration Peak

Inspiration Peak from the summit of West McMillan Spire

Inspiration Peak

Inspiration Peak, I hope to climb someday.

Sunny days keep coming…

Another beautiful day in the upper 70′s! It’s pretty tough to beat this kind of weather.

I finally got out on a run after last week’s sickness and I was happy to exercise outside for a change. I was also happy I didn’t try to run much earlier than I did. My throat was getting clogged occasionally so I can only imagine what it would have been like if I ran while my sinuses were going stronger. Otherwise, I felt pretty shoddy on the run, but I was expecting that. My legs just felt weak and the breathing rhythm was off. The run was 40 min, but pretty easy throughout.


This evening I saw a film at the Environmental Law Society’s Reel Green Film Festival. The movie was “Black Diamonds,” a documentary about t

he campaign to stop mountaintop coal mining in the Appalachian mountains. It was particularly interesting because I wrote about this litigation last semester. The movie provides a great look into the history of mountaintop removal coal mining and the grassroots efforts of citizens in the community.

By the way, the article I wrote will be published in May edition of Lewis and Clark Environmental Law Review. I am excited to see this published and hopefully it will help make people aware of the tragic and unprecedented destruction.

I downloaded the new Mozilla Firefox 2 and it is sweet. There is a totally cool spell checker built in to the browser and it’s just so easy to use.

81 degrees

It was a blazing 81 degrees Sunday in sunny Stanford, California. Spring is in full swing and it’s beautiful outside. These past few days have been idyllic, I need to spend some more time outside. Temps are forecasted to hold in the mid 70′s through the entire week ahead – WOW!

Part of the reason I didn’t spend more time outside Sunday was my diligent work on my research paper for venture capital on the recent wave of Chinese Solar IPO’s on U.S. stock exchanges. I worked on it for about 8 hours today and made a huge amount of progress. I figure the more I get done now, the less I will have to do over Spring break and the month of April.

Exercise: A good workout at Arrillaga building to 10×155 on the bench, some incline benching, and cable cross-overs. I feel good in the gym these days, probably because the running has been sidelined all week due to sickness. I’m going to have to start getting back into a cardio routine as the sinus issues completely dissipate (I hope) and just swallow the fact I won’t be able to make as large gains in the gym.