Privacy Paper Draft

Good news! The draft of my paper for Law, Technology, and Privacy class is now complete. Right now, the title is “How to Protect Location Privacy in a Wireless World.” I am extremely proud of my work on this paper; I spent the better part of the weekend and today working on it. I enjoyed writing it and I think I learned a lot in the process. Now I need to do a thorough job editing the text and bluebook my sources. Afterwards, it should be set to turn in.

Otherwise it’s time to start hitting the books for my other finals. I have nearly complete outlines for the three classes in which I have a finals, but I need to go back through them and make sure I understand the subtle points. The focus is going to slowly shift this week to first test, Constitutional Law, which is on May 11th (unfortunately, my birthday). This is not the most fun time of the year for law students, but it’ll be over in less then 2.5 weeks. At that point, I will truly be able to celebrate :)

The track meet yesterday night at Stanford was amazing. The Ritzenhein vs. Webb duel over 10k lived up to the hype. Those guys ran next to each other the whole race with Webb outkicking Ritz at the end in dramatic fashion. Ritz, Webb, and the fast closing Famiglietti posted some very fast times. It was especially remarkable for Webb, because this was his first 10k ever. I also go to watch my old teammates from rice run in the Women’s 5k. Marissa won the heat and set a school record in the process and Kate ran well to get the regional qualifying mark. Go Owls!

NBA: the mavs are the only team to sweep this year. I’m not sure if they are really good or Memphis is just really bad. The clippers made the conference semi-finals and it looks like they will face their city rival, the Lakers. In the East, Detroit can close their series at home in game 5. Otherwise, it’s a bunch of series that are tied 2-2 that can really go either way. There are definitely going to be some good game 6’s and 7’s in the first round this season.

Arrillaga: Just back weights today. As predicted, the focus on outlining and my paper has reduced the workout time. Unfortunately, this will pattern of reduced exercise time will probably persist until the end of finals. However, I did have a good workout today.


The highlight of today was going out to Chipotle for some excellent fresh mex. The burrito did a great job of filling me up – mine was huge! The ingredients used at Chipotle seem fresh and wholesome. I enjoy getting a burrito every once in a while.

Other than Chipotle, my day was pretty boring. I spent pretty much the entire time keeping track of NBA scores and writing my paper. I watched the Phoenix Suns tragically lose to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in overtime. I’m convinced its going to be the Lakers vs. Clippers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lakers finish the Suns off in Phoenix at game 5. Another great game is going on right now, Sacramento vs. San Antonio. The Sacramento Kings are playing well, they may be able to tie that series up tonight.

The good news is that I have made excellent progress on my paper this weekend. I have a couple hours of work left before my initial draft will be complete. Then I will need to start focusing on studying for the three finals that separate me from summer vacation.

There is a really great track meet at Stanford going on this evening and I am going to go check it out. The 10k is stacked and features American stars Alan Webb vs. Dathan Ritzenhein. Also, there are a couple friends from Rice running in the women’s 5k event. Should be fun to watch!

Arrillaga: A weak outing today on the bench today. Somehow, I wasn’t quite feeling up to the weight. I basically failed the 10 reps of 145 and decided it was prudent to skip the 150 pound effort. Instead, I did two sets of 12 x 135. I felt ok on the substitute sets and the rest of the workout was ok, but I think the paper writing tired me out. Tomorrow I will be back for back exercise and maybe some cardio or leg weights.

Beautiful Weather

Another gorgeous California day! Not a cloud in sight and pleasant temps. Yesterday was actually getting on the toasty side (relative to my Seattle tolerance :) with a high of 81 at Stanford. Today, the ocean breeze picked up and it kept the high temperature to a comfortable 71.5 degrees.

I got some quality work done on my paper for privacy. I am about half way done, but now I have gotten to the substantive portion which requires more thought. Either way, if I can continue at this pace, I will hopefully have a nearly completed draft by the end of the weekend.

NBA update: As much as I hate to say it, the L.A. Lakers are looking really good against the Phoenix Suns. For once in his career, Kobe Bryant is not playing selfishly and it shows. All his teammates are active and scoring. Their balanced attack and tough defense are stifling the Suns. It looks more and more like what I feared: an all-LA conference semi-finals between the Lakers and the Clippers. Even if the Lakers do face the Nuggets, Kobe and Co. definitely see a path to the conference finals right now (Denver and the Clippers are playing atrocious basketball). Meanwhile, the Spurs are showing some weakness against the Kings with a second close game in a row (losing this time). In the east, the Heat looked awful yesterday. Right now, the toughest teams still looks like Detroit.

Arrillaga: A late workout today but still a good one. I worked shoulders and biceps today. Tomorrow cardio is the focus and I will probably hit the EFX elliptical.

LRW complete

Another indication that first year of law school is winding down – today was the last legal research and writing class. We talked about some tips for summer employment and then went to a Japanese restaurant in Palo Alto for some sushi. This spot is not as good as Sushitomi in Mountain View, but I was satisfied with my salmon teriyaki. It was fun to hang out with my section as a full group for one last time.

As finals draw closer, I find myself thinking of the mountains. The photo above is from summer of 2004 on the Ptarmigan Traverse. It’s a scan from my old 35mm camera. The traverse usually takes between 4 and 7 days and numerous summits can be achieved along the way. The traverse itself involves no technical rock, but there is extensive glacier travel and steep terrain. I plan on repeating this fabulous alpine traverse this summer. With the heavy snowpack this year, I think a trip starting at the very end of July or first week of August will be idyllic.

Tomorrow there is no class, but I will definitely be outlining property with Mark. I think we can make some real progress and hammer out some of the complex issues. There is also a big need for me to get to business on my privacy paper. I know what I want to say, I just need focus and put it on paper.

Arrillaga: Yesterday I hit the bench and did the usual 10 reps fo 150 followed by 8 reps of 155. With a spotter I can do 10 resps of 155 easy, perhaps 160 at this point. However, I am not striving to increase the weight on a regular basis. I am simply seeking to maintain strength and build tone and definition. After the bench, cable cross-overs, and flyes, I hit the treadmill for a 36 minute shake-out run. Today, I plan on hitting the back muscles and probably legs (or maybe cardio depending on how I feel).

Alarming News

While the news in this article on did not surprise me, it is still very alarming. Scientists have concluded that the only logical source for last years unprecedented hurricane season is the increasing content of greenhouse gases warming ocean waters and melting away polar ice caps. The evidence is more compelling than last years Atlantic hurricane season alone. Over the past decade, there has been a trend of increasing tropical activity. Furthermore, there were stronger and greater quantities of tropical cyclones around the globe. More water and warmer waters inextricably result in more powerful storms. Even more compelling is the rapidity with which global warming is manifesting itself. Glaciers and polar ice are melting much faster than anticipated, the hurricanes have increased quickly, and more tornadoes are ripping up the Midwest than ever before. Scientists did not expect the changes to be so drastic. With such drastic changes, I am worried about what the near future will hold.

Hopefully this news will be a wake-up call to many people who deny the effects of human-induced global warming. We cannot sustain catastrophic hurricanes like the monsters of last season on an annual basis. The costs of Katrina are being felt today, nearly nine months after the devastating storm ravaged the gulf coast. Global warming has drastic effects on the entire ecosystem. We have potentially opened up a pandora’s box of problems that will only get worse unless we make a concerted worldwide effort to ameliorate the problem. The time to take action is now!

Arrillaga: 42 minutes of EFX cardio today. Tomorrow I will work chest muscles, possibly hitting the bench.


All the rain this spring has resulted in an explosion of weeds and pollen. The unfortunate result for me is agonizingly itchy eyes. A simple touch will trigger a compulsive urge to itch and keeping itching leaving my eyes red and my patience tested. It sucks, I hope it magically disappears soon on day.

Today was a busy day with a bonus Property session (but no class Friday which should be nice). I also discussed my privacy paper, it is coming along nicely. Now I am getting to the substantive part which is more difficult to get on paper, but I have planned my week to allow for plenty of time to work on it. Not much else to report on. Tomorrow there is a speaker in Antitrust, the lead economist for the government in the Microsoft monopoly case.

Arrillaga: Good workout today. I did back and leg weights. I basically hit everything. Tomorrow I plan on limiting the workout to a cardio session on the EFX machine.

Law Prom

Once again, high expectations yield anticlimactic results. The law formal (or law prom) was not the “party of the year” I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a good time, but definitely not something to write home about. The location was great, I think they put most of the funds into renting out the Old Federal Reserve Building. The food offerings, on the other hand, were a different story. They were sparse to say the least. There was no fresh fruit as advertised and the “fine desserts” consisted of chocolate covered marshmallows and strawberries = very weak. These desserts were located on two small plates; most people didn’t even know they existed. The best thing there were these mini burgers, but you don’t need a caterer for those! They would have gotten way more bang for the buck by just going to Costco (at the semi-formal there was a ton of great food). While the food was a downer, the open bar was ok I suppose – nothing made it better (or worse) than the usual offerings at law school parties. The other factors were mainly personal. For starters, I am just not the formal type of person. Too superficial, too “look at me I’m cool,” too “lets take pictures of every moment.” The reality for me is that I don’t need a bunch of kids to justify myself; I don’t need to show how cool I am by superficially mingling with everyone and acting like everyone’s friend. I knew what I was getting into – a LAW school party – but I guess I was in denial. As much as I would like to write on about this, I don’t feel like sharing with the entire world, so you’ll just have to ask me.

Arrillaga: Another decent workout at they gym. I built up the usual 10 reps of 150 and followed it wiht 7 reps of 155. The rest of the workout was solid too and I did a 23 minute shake-out run on the treadmill to top it off. Tomorrow I will work the back muscles primarily and either legs or cardio in addition.

Law School Formal

Tonight is the Law School Formal. The buses leave for San Francisco at 8 pm. The party will be at the Old Federal Reserve Building. I am really looking forward to the food and drink offerings.

Here is the description of the building:

“One of San Francisco’s most opulent event spaces, the Old Federal Reserve Building exudes stateliness and elegance, immersing guests in the aura of an early 20th century banking temple. Solid brass doors, French and Italian marble floors and 250-foot columns adorn the grand entrance to the Banking Hall, the locale for elegant dinners.”

Sounds great to me!

Arrillaga: A good cardio session today featuring 42 min of EFX, 14 minutes of treadmill, and 11 minutes of biking. I did a some pull ups and lat pull downs before the cardio and some abs afterwards.

Happy Earth Day!!

Earth Day!

Tomorrow is Earth Day! Take a moment and appreciate nature and the value of a clean, green environment – the earth is truly a beautiful place!

Humans are inextricably linked to the ecosystem and the vitality of this world. Our actions not only effect the plants and animals, but ourselves. Global warming and human-induced climate change are REAL! We must take appropriate measures to ameliorate the damage we have already done and prevent further harmful effects. We cannot afford to keep the smokestacks, suv’s, and logging of the rainforest going at their current rate.

However, I will commend efforts the United States and global community have taken so far. Since the 1970’s, legislation like the Clean Air Act, the Wilderness Act, and the Endangered Species Act have made a notable impact. We must not retreat from such legislation, but press forward with global initiatives to curtail CO2 emissions and protect wild lands.

Arrillaga: After an afternoon nap that spilled into the evening (much needed), I hit the gym and the results were great. I worked mainly shoulders today and leg weights. I tried out the new Hammer Strength leg presses and they were pretty sweet. Tomorrow cardio is the essential activity of the workout and I may work bi’s and little back weights.

The law school formal (or prom as they call it), is tomorrow. It’s at the Old Federal Building in San Francisco. I hear it’s a great time with catered food/dessert offerings, an open bar with cocktails, and dancing. Should be fun.

La Bamba

I am tired and I am already thinking about sleeping in Saturday morning even though it’s only Thursday and I have to wake up for Property tomorrow. Today seemed much more active than it should be for a one-class day. Right after property I had a CA interview. Next, I read property for tomorrow, read a book for privacy class, and worked on my antitrust outline. After a solid workout at Arrillaga (see below) the Antitrust outlining resumed.

After outlining for Antitrust, we grabbed burritos at Taqueria La Bamba in Mountain View – it was tasty as usual. La Bamba, noted for its El Salvadoran flair, is not the most appealing place to sit down for a dinner, but the quality of their burritos more than compensates. After all, it’s the food, not the silver spoon, that counts at the end of the day. Next time, we’ll hit up La Castena, the neighboring taqueria that is also famous for its burritos.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy one too, with a make-up carried over all the way from last semester Civ Pro in the afternoon. Also, as much as I don’t want to, I am going to work on outlining Property for a few hours. There is also a huge need for me to start and make significant headway on my paper for law, tech and privacy class. I am trying to get a leg-up on the reading for this weekend to give me time to concentrate on the paper. There is only three weeks left of 1L year and lots to do!

Arrillaga: A good workout working the back muscles today. Afterwards, I hit the EFX for 35 minutes. Tomorrow I plan on working the shoulders and probably a little more cardio (although I may do legs instead depending on how I feel).