New Skis

Today I bought some new skis! It’s been over seven years and I thought it was time for an update. I was looking to purchase skis in May because now is when the price on last years models is reduced resulting in some amazing sales. Thus, even though I won’t be using these skis for about eight months, I was thinking discount. I think I achieved my goal and ended up getting the skis for about 1/3 of original retail price. I also got a discount on the bindings that go with the skis and the whole package was a great deal. The skis I ended up getting are pair of Atomic skis that are classified as advanced all-mountain. I am excited to test them out next winter on the slopes!

Otherwise, today was spent packing up for the long drive from Sammamish to Palo Alto which will commence tomorrow morning. The plan is to drive to at least Medford, Oregon. It was nice to be rest at home for one day and I am excited to visit my sister in Pacific Grove this weekend and start work next week!

NBA: So the Spurs were the first to advance in the West and will likely meet the Suns. Meanwhile, the Warriors fell apart in the closing stages of yesterday’s game against the Mavs. Everybody says the pressure is now on the Warriors, but they got to close all of that out. In reality, the pressure is still on the #1 seeded Mavs. I think everybody expects them to go ahead and win the series out and stave off the epic upset. I believe in the Warriors and hope they will come back focused and intense at home.


The big final is tomorrow morning at 8:30 am. It will all be over at 12:30 pm tomorrow. I plan on giving my brain a break for a few days :)

Yesterday I went to a track meet at Stanford and watched my friend from Rice compete in the 5k. I also saw Mircea Bogdan (formely of UTEP) run an 8:23 steeplechase (the A standard for the Beijing Olympics). He represents Romania. It’s pretty cool to think I raced against him, even though I wasn’t close from the start.

NBA: Wow, what a great game last night between the Warriors and Mavs. The Warriors came through, but it was a nail biter. Now that Dallas is in a must-win situation, they are going to give everything they have. The Warriors are going to have to match that intensity and give everything they got if they want to close-out the series.

Exercise: I did a little bit of my own running today to break up the studying. I hit the Oak Creek loop for a 48 minute run and felt pretty good.

Busy Week Ahead

I-5More studying and more NBA basically sums it up for me! Some more review today and tomorrow and then it’s exam time. The end is drawing near and I am ready to take the exam. After the exam, it becomes a busy week as I fly home the same day (Tuesday), pack up on Wednesday, and then drive a car down here for the summer on Thursday and Friday. I’ll be with my mom, so the drive should not be too arduous. A quick move to my summer apartment is followed by a trip to visit my sister in her new Victorian house (a historical site) in Pacific Grove (near Monterey) over the weekend. Finally, I start work on May 7th. The rest of the summer promises to be packed with firm events, climbs of Shasta and the high Sierra, and other fun! Whew, I am pumped :)

NBA: Steve Nash came through with an amazing performance today posting 23 assists. The most amazing part of it is that Phoenix did not shoot that well. If they had been knocking down more shots, he could have had 30+ assists! Tonight the Warriors meet the Mavericks for game four. The Mavs are going to come out swinging hard. I hope the Warriors can match the intensity and make it a fight, and who knows, maybe the Warriors will surprise again…

Exercise: What a beautiful day for a run. After a scorchers on Friday and Saturday, it has cooled into the upper 60’s making for some comfortable conditions. I took advantage and ran the dish. Total run time was 47 minutes and I felt good.


I am in full-on studying mode for my final on Tuesday. I’ll be happy on Tuesday at 12:30 pm when it will be over. The plan today is to study some more and then watch some NBA this evening.

The Warriors played a great game yesterday defeating the #1-seeded Mavs for the second time, and taking a 2-1 lead in the series. This sets the stage for the super-important 4th game of the series, where the Wariors have the opporutnity to take a 3-1 series lead if they stay focused and overcome the odds stacked heavily against them. Go Warriors!!!

Return to the Dish


Today I made my return to “The Dish,” a hilly 3.2 mile loop (gate-to-gate) in a natural area managed by Stanford University. The total run was around 7 miles with an extra loop of Lake Lagunita and running to and from Studio 2. It has been some time since I have run the Dish loop and it was nice to see the hills green with new grass growth. I ran in the evening and the weather was awesome with temps in the upper 60’s cooling to the mid 60’s and very little wind. I felt pretty good on the hills, mostly attributed to the fact that I have been running consistently for the past 3.5 weeks.

NBA: Looks like no sweeps in the West after the Lakers defeated the Suns tonight. I really hope the Warriors pull off another miracle tomorrow and beat the Mavs. Meanwhile, in the East its looking more and more like a Detroit Pistons sweep of the Orlando Magic. The Pistons are playing great team basketball right now and they are my pick to win the Eastern Conference. Moreover, despite the West being ridiculously deep, a team like the Pistons will be a worthy opponent for whoever they face, whether it be the Mavs, Spurs, or Suns (most likely these teams).

Earth Day 2007

Happy Earth Day! Take a second (or longer) to appreciate the magnificence and splendor of the earth. Remember, it is in our hands to keep it beautiful for generations to come. I highly recommend watching the series entitled “Planet Earth” on the Discovery Channel to see many reasons why our planet is amazing!

NBA: Big day today with three series in the Western Conference kicking off. The games were all good. It was especially nice to see the Golden State Warriors win game one against the number one seeded Mavericks in Dallas. Obviously, it was just game one of a seven game series, so the Warriors must continue to play hard and take any opportunities they can get.

Exercise: I had a good pump today at Arrillaga gym working back muscles. With nice weather expected tomorrow, it sounds like a good time to step out for a run.

NBA Playoffs

The NBA regular season is now over and the playoffs are set. I am excited for some great match-ups, especially in the ridiculously deep western conference. I’m really pulling for the Golden State Warriors to cause the Dallas Mavericks some problems, and I think they can with their high-octane offense. I think every series in the West is worth watching and it will only get better in the conference semifinals. The fun starts this Saturday, but the most compelling games (in my opinion) are on Sunday. I like a bunch of teams in the playoffs, but I’m pulling for the Suns to take the whole thing. Of the other teams with a realistic shot at winning, I would be happy if the Spurs, Heat, Pistons won it all too.

Tomorrow is the last day this semester (and probably next year too) I get to wake up at 7:30 am for class at 8 am. I have one last class Monday evening and then it’s studying hard for a closed-book and detail-oriented final for Securities Regulation class. Second year of law school ends midday on May 1st. In case it hasn’t already come through on this blog, Stanford Law School is AWESOME!! It’s been an awesome time so far and I am pumped for more good times as a third year.

Exercise: Yesterday I had a great back workout at Arrillaga. I know it was good because I am sore today! Today went on a nice 48 minute run with some great running weather (cloudy with temps in the mid-50s).


Kind of busy today with an oppressive amount of reading to get through. I’m tired already, but there is unfortunately more to read. Otherwise, the draft of my research paper on Chinese Solar IPO’s in the United States is complete, with introduction and conclusion. Now, I need to simply edit and make sure there is consistency and continuity throughout the paper. Tomorrow I’ve got class at 8 am through (potentially) 3 pm due to a long additional session for securities regulation (there will be two breaks). No, the session is not a make-up, it’s an additional session – on a Friday afternoon…

Exercise: A nice, fresh day (it rained a little yesterday) for a run. I selected the Oak Creek 48-minute loop again. It was a little blustery, but because the Oak Creek run is a loop, the wind is going to be helpful on parts of the run and hurt on other parts. So, while I would rather it be calm, the wind is manageable.

Lastly, I congratulate the Miami Heat dancers for defending their crown from last year by defeating the Houston Rockets Power Dancers. Both teams were very worthy, but it was tough to deny the Heat because one of the members of their team, all-star dancer Katherine, is just unbelievable (middle dancer in photo).

Great games

I was incredibly lazy on Saturday, spending the majority of the day watching March Madness NCAA basketball games. At the least the games were really good with many of the contests going into overtime. My bracket basically sucks this year, but I do it for fun! I remember the good days when I won a pool in 2005 when North Carolina won it.

The laziness is giving me an urge to actually do something with myself Sunday. I basically have a four-day weekend with one seminar class on Monday meeting from 6:30 pm to 8:10 pm and no class Tuesday. I am going to try and use this time to get some work done so I can do better things with my time over Spring Break. I think a run is in store on Sunday and possibly a trip to gym – I feel icky after sitting around!

TGIF Success

Yesterday I helped organize a TGIF at the law school and it was a big success. We ordered Thai food from Thaiphoon Restaurant and it was delicious – highly recommended. Thai is always a hit and we had tons of people come. In fact, the food was completely gone in 20 minutes! It seemed like people enjoyed themselves and I’m happy the event was well executed.

The NCAA Division I Indoor Track and Field Champs was today. I was able to watch the entire meet live on internet which is very cool. Big shout out to my friend Pablo Solares from Rice University who placed 5th in the mile in 4:01.24.

Arrillaga: A good workout working mainly back muscles. After a week of my sickness “running” its course, my sinuses are finally clearing up and I think tomorrow will be the day when I step outside for an easy real run (it’s been awhile).