Monterey Bay Weekend II

So the trip to Monterey Bay was awesome. I got to see my sister’s sweet new Victorian house in Pacific Grove, tour the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and relax with my family. We also celebrated my 23rd birthday with an awesome dinner at a Thai restaurant followed by some great desserts at my sister’s house. The dessert offering included Millet Bread and amazing pumpkin pie made from scratch by my sister. Big thanks to Talli and David for being great hosts! It was a fun time, hopefully the family will reunite again soon.

Here are some more photos from Monterey!

Hopkins Research Center

Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Research Center


I celebrated my 23rd birthday with my family (the official date is May 11th). The pumpkin pie my sister made from scratch was absolutely amazing!

Birthday with family

Nice birthday photo with my mom and two sisters

Cute Tamar

Cute photo of Tamar with a stylish hat :)


Walking back up from the ocean.

Shore Trail

Beautiful shore trail.

Monterey Bay Weekend

After packing and unpacking (very tiring), my mom and myself drove down to Monterey Bay to visit my sister who lives in Pacific Grove. It was an awesome weekend and I’ll write more about it later. In the mean time, here are some photos (click on image for larger version):

Pacific Grove House

Pacific Grove House

Another Angle

Another Angle

Family Photo

Family photo


Tamar bundled up!

Family photo

Family Photo

Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay from Lover’s Point

Busy Week Ahead

I-5More studying and more NBA basically sums it up for me! Some more review today and tomorrow and then it’s exam time. The end is drawing near and I am ready to take the exam. After the exam, it becomes a busy week as I fly home the same day (Tuesday), pack up on Wednesday, and then drive a car down here for the summer on Thursday and Friday. I’ll be with my mom, so the drive should not be too arduous. A quick move to my summer apartment is followed by a trip to visit my sister in her new Victorian house (a historical site) in Pacific Grove (near Monterey) over the weekend. Finally, I start work on May 7th. The rest of the summer promises to be packed with firm events, climbs of Shasta and the high Sierra, and other fun! Whew, I am pumped :)

NBA: Steve Nash came through with an amazing performance today posting 23 assists. The most amazing part of it is that Phoenix did not shoot that well. If they had been knocking down more shots, he could have had 30+ assists! Tonight the Warriors meet the Mavericks for game four. The Mavs are going to come out swinging hard. I hope the Warriors can match the intensity and make it a fight, and who knows, maybe the Warriors will surprise again…

Exercise: What a beautiful day for a run. After a scorchers on Friday and Saturday, it has cooled into the upper 60’s making for some comfortable conditions. I took advantage and ran the dish. Total run time was 47 minutes and I felt good.

Costco Visit!

Yes, any visit to Costco Wholesale is worth mentioning in the title of an entry. It was an especially nice to visit my “home” Costco location in Issaquah, which also serves as the corporate headquarters (located about 8 minutes from my house in Sammamish). One of those in-house positions at Costco has my name written all over it (or the in-house job at REI). All in all, it was a fairly normal visit with the normal loop through the store, but the satisfaction of buying bulk for cheap is always great.  We also visited Trader Joe’s, another fine establishment where it is truly a pleasure to to shop and consume purchased foods :)

Exercise: I had a nice workout at Klahanie gym with flat bench, incline bench, and some cross-overs. I built up to 10 reps of 155 pounds and then my mom helped me do some single reps at 185 pounds. I wasn’t used to the heavier weight falling down on me and I had a rough time with the second set. Oh well, it’s all about practice!

Sammamish Spring Break

After a rainy homecoming to Smmamish, WA yesterday, the skies have parted and it is beautiful outside. The air is clear and refreshing with some nice sunshine. I went on a nice walk with my sister and neice in Maple Valley. My neice, Tamar, is now 7 months old, and loves to ride in the stroller on long walks. It was a great time hanging out with family. I am excited to see my mom when she arrives on Tuesday night.

The nice weather is expected to hold through Tuesday so I plan on mowing the grass at some point in the next couple days. I want to ski, but the rains (yes, rains even in the mountains) have cut into the snowpack leaving snow conditions less than idyllic.

It was also nice to see my dog Pepe. I picked him up from the kennel yesterday and he was so happy to be home.


My niece Tamar is now over 4 months old. She is well mannered with little crying and annoyingness. Maybe it’s because my sister is on top of the mom job. Here is a recent photo:


In other news, my brother-in-law came over with a chainsaw and we cut the tree downed by the tree service into pieces. It was pretty thick, especially for his smaller chainsaw, but we managed. I then organized the cuts under the deck – it was tough work with lots of heavy lifting! Sometime in the spring/summer, we’ll split the log cuts so we can use them for firewood.

We still have some snow on the ground and it has been quite chilly the past few days. It is supposed to warm up early next week with rainy conditions, but then cool down later in the week. This will hopefully translate into excellent snow conditions for skiing!

Holiday Dinner

Yesterday my mom and I drove over to my sister Karen’s house in Maple Valley for a holiday dinner. Her husband cooked a great meal, featuring some tasty duck and the desserts were also excellent. I especially liked my sister’s apple crisp, mmmmm…. I enjoyed seeing my niece Tamar, who is now over 4 months old. She has grown up a lot and is very cute!

Today everything is closed so I am basically sitting around being lazy and watching NFL and NBA. I think I will run later this afternoon and prune some of the fruit trees.

Good workout

Today I had a good workout at Klahanie gym with my mom. Yes, I worked out with my mom – it’s true – but she is a great partner! She is a world record holder at the bench press for her weight and age group (203.7 pounds for a 112 pound, 54 year old). My mom is also a personal trainer on the side when she has time between being a nurse and helping out with my neice. So, she really knows her stuff and it’s always great when I get to workout with her.

On Monday we worked the chest and today we worked the back muscles. She pushed me harder than I usually go and we did a ton of sets on various exercises for a great workout. After the weightlifting, I also ran on the treadmill today for 35+ minutes. It was good to get the legs moving again after a week hiatus from running.

As far as the weather goes, it has been a calm week around here, but the rains have returned. It has also been rather chilly, but maybe this is because everything feels cold after being in California. It is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, but Friday promises to provide a break before the next rain system moves in on Saturday. If the forecast holds, I will take advantage of it and head to Stevens Pass for some skiing. I get a discount in conjunction with my Whistler Edge Card and it shouldn’t be too crowded on Friday. I am pumped!

Fallen Tree Photos

This evening the tree service came and removed another tree that was leaning over our house. I guess after they took a look at it, they decided it was high priority – it wouldn’t have taken another storm to knock it down…

Here are some photos of the tree that fell over our driveway before it was removed. Click for larger images.

Fallen Tree 1

Large douglas fir tree totally uprooted. 12/16/2006

Fallen Tree 2

Tree over our driveway blocking the way out.

Fallen Tree 3

My dog Pepe taking a look at the totally uprooted tree. 12/16/2006.


Sunrise after a cold night without power (one of three). The Olympic Mountains were particularly red due to the smoky air caused by everyone burning fire wood to stay warm after the windstorm. 12/17/2006.